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As you will see in this website, the numero software platform is multi-faceted and offers almost limitless possibilities for organisations looking to streamline their customer journeys. In the lists below, you’ll find links to some of the most common ways in which our highly configurable solution is used.

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  • Customer feedback
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer deflection
  • Web self service
  • Click to chat
  • Appointment booking
  • B2C portal
  • B2B portal
  • Secure portal
  • Social media
  • Enterprise CASE management
  • Workflow & automation
  • Callbacks
  • Single agent desktop
  • Scripting
  • Order taking
  • Managing field service agents
  • SMS notifications
  • Real cost to service
  • First time resolution
  • Single view of the customer
  • Business insights
  • CRM
  • Document hosting & management
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