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numero solutions mange over 100,000 contacts everyday. Many of these contacts are efficiently and effectively handled by our eForms, which provide robust online validation and case management functionality without the need for IT deployment. With eForms in place, call centres can quickly and cost effectively interactwith large numbers of citizens with ease.

numero eForms are simple to install and form part of our Software as a Service solution, which requires no investment in IT infrastructure and is typically deployed within a day or so. Once enabled, numero eForms can be created and managed with ease, allowing call centres to streamline citizen contact and validation.

When combined with numero FAQ functionality, eForms will significantly enhance the quality of information provided to citizens, which in turn will reduce the volume of enquiries and improve first time resolution rates.

Furthermore, with numero eForms in place, citizens can track their queries within secure, online ‘My Account pages’, further reducing the burden on contact centres. Thanks to the highly secure nature of the numero ‘My Account’ system, sensitive and confidential information can be protected and removed from the public domain.

numero email handling, eForms and Citizen Case Management are all available as ‘out of the box’ functionality within our Software as a Service platform. For further information, please use the form on this page to contact our local government specialists.

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