This page has been created by numero specifically to show you one of the really innovative features in our numero interactive solutions Document Management.
This solution has been successfully deployed in a number of our clients like JD Williams, Experian, TV Licencing, Ideal Shopping, Vertex and a number of other high profile accounts.

This module is part of the powerful numero interactive platform and the documents and a key attribute of our solution is that all documents are available for viewing by the contact centre or back office agents simultaneously as they view the full client record. In this way, all client transactions can be viewed together to provide a complete 360 degree viw of the customer.

The presentation below shows how our document management solution helps our customers manage their inbound paper and froms.

Now, at first glance you may think that this is simply just another document management application. However, the powerful underlying business process automation capability within our platform allows us to configure the application in many complex ways to improve the user and agent experience:

• Secure, central, fully indexed store of ALL correspondence (forms, paper and coupons)
• Natural language recognition and classification of OCR documents
• Excellent support for complex processes and multiple teams
• Multi-stage processing workflows
• Granular access permissions
• Integral quality management
• Rich web-based unified agent desktop for simple deployment across the enterprise
• Multi-language, multi-region solution for global deployment
• Compatible with PCI security and audit requirements
• Integral service level management and reporting
• Sophisticated archiving strategies to meet regulatory retention requirements
• Outbound document creation with rich formatting options.

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