With Telephony:

CTI in action

CTI provides the opportunity to automatically pass through and re-use any information about the call that the phone system might have. This can range from the simple case in which we have the dialled number (DNIS) and the caller’s number (CLI) through to advanced cases where an IVR has elicited additional routing options (“Dial 2 for Order Enquiries”) or personal information (“Please enter your 8 digit account number now”).

The video illustrates CTI in action – in this case, we have used the dialled number to identify the brand as eStores and the caller’s number (CLI) to fetch and display additional customer information from back-office systems. We could equally have asked the caller to enter his or her customer number within an IVR and based the initial data display on this information.

As a result, when the agent’s phone rings a whole screen full of relevant and helpful information is automatically ‘popped’ as the first page of the scripted dialogue best matched to that customer requirements.

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