With Telephony:

Use dynamic data to script calls

The optimum user experience is generally provided when the customer speaks to an articulate, knowledgeable, experienced and empowered contact centre agent or company representative.

The problem faced by many contact centres is that these individuals are expensive and in the minority – the challenge is to provide less experienced agents with the supporting technologies required to reduce training requirements, promulgate best practise and provide predictability and quality.

numero’s dynamic agent user interface – dynamic data forms – allows experienced agents to help build scripted ‘wizards’ to support common business interactions whilst providing the flexibility to support ad-hoc complex issues.

The video illustrates dynamic data forms in action – in this case, using a simple car hire process as an example.

The wizard guides the agent through initial customer identification and validation, using a combination of data entry validation and back-office system lookups to verify the information provided before going on to agree vehicle type, hire dates and terms and conditions.

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