Study stage

Study stage

The second stage of numero act is an onsite study of operations. There is no charge for this work – no matter how much time it takes numero. The study usually involves our professional services team and solution architects who work alongside the prospect organisation’s contact centre/back office staff to understand fully the current operational position including the processes, costs and KPI’s. We term this the ‘As is’ position.

We endeavour to establish the aspirational (or strategic) aspects of the customer service function – including service improvements, service enhancements and timeframes. The key business processes are usually reviewed, assessed, quantified and re-modelled.

numero concludes this stage by working-up a business case with a ‘Burning Platform’ style of delivery (with ‘As Is’, ‘So What’, ‘Rescue’, ‘Proof’ and ‘the Call to Action’ components). numero validates all findings prior moving to the Playback stage.

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