Self Service

Self Service

Create intuitive, engaging and relevant customer experiences that satisfy the demand for information and convenience.  Safeguard your existing website investment by simply adding the additional functionality you need for exceptional self-service experiences.

Empower customers with rewarding Self Service solutions that inspire loyalty

numero360 Self Service solutions allow customers to serve themselves using any device with distinctive, brand aligned, intuitive functionality. By ensuring that the consumer can easily complete a transaction, find an answer to a query, resolve a problem or quickly escalate an issue to the Contact Centre, organisations can be confident of exceptional customer experiences whilst reducing inbound enquiries to the Contact Centre.


Key Features

  • Customers can serve themselves at any time with access to the information that is most critical to them
  • Responsive Design ensures that customers can serve themselves on the PC, tablets and smartphones whilst enjoying the same engaging experience
  • Customers can access and search a comprehensive knowledge base with relevant content highlighted to match their particular needs
  • Customers can take advantage of dynamic FAQs including: dynamic updates from the Contact Centre to make sure information is current and of most benefit to the customer, automated ranking to show most popular first according to category
  • Customers can see a complete case history of all their interactions across all channels
  • Multi-language, multi-brand
  • Secure messaging
  • Activity Capture including Google Tag Manager for comprehensive insight into how customers use available services to drive continuous improvement of the customer experience and the effectiveness of the services provided.
  • Customers can request assistance at any time via: Email us with pre-configured data capture forms for ease of use, Web Chat and Click-to-Call

The 360 View

Organisations seeking to deliver first class self-service experiences over the Web need to address the heightened expectations of customers.  An incomplete picture leads to frustration and ultimately the abandonment of self-service in favour of a call to the Contact Centre or worse the decision to switch supplier.

numero360 Self Service is one element of a multi-channel Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that provides customers, employees and business partners with seamless and engaging experiences. Through a combination of self-service capabilities, process automation, legacy systems integration and the streamlining of manual processes, numero360 is able to dramatically reduce the time and effort associated with the handling of all customer interactions across all communication channels.

By making Self Service part of a unified view of all customer communication an organisation can exceed expectations and delight customers with superior experiences that encourage loyalty and promote advocacy.

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