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Empower Contact Centre agents with solutions that support their commitment to great service whilst reducing operational costs and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Streamline customer journeys and reduce operational costs

Improving the customer experience when calling the Contact Centre has become a business imperative for forward thinking organisations looking build loyalty and customer advocacy.  It is no longer enough to answer the call quickly, customers want to feel that their time is valued and that means speaking to agents who are informed and familiar with case history.  Making the customer repeat themselves is unacceptable and damaging to your reputation and puts contact centre agents under unnecessary pressure.

numero helps contact centre agents to deliver engaging and informed experiences by providing a unified view of all communication with the customer. Agents have immediate access to relevant customer and case information allowing them to handle the call efficiently and effectively.  A dynamically updated knowledgebase is on tap to help find the right answers quickly and where required flexible workflow rules can guide an agent through a set of questions to ensure compliance.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel platform
  • Single agent desktop unifying communications
  • Customer and Case Management with complete history
  • Comprehensive knowledge base to empower agents and reduce dependency on back office systems for answering queries
  • Intelligent enquiry analysis and enrichment: able to read enquiries (textual / data based channels) using language detection, NLP and bespoke rule-based customer history analysis
  • Highly automated processes drives categorisation and work routing
  • Handles multi-brand and internationalisation
  • Integrated Social Media channels so agents do not need to leave the desktop
  • Significantly improved first time resolution that eliminates need for costly remedial action
  • Seamless integration of telephone calls into business process workflows for down-stream processing
  • Simple configurable ‘screen-flow’ for telephone call scripting
  • Screen-flows include deep integration into back-office systems and the numero knowledgebase.
  • Scaleable platform for enterprise requirements or out-of-the-box deployments
  • Fully integrated with ‘back office’ & legacy solutions enabling: Resource management and work distribution across the entire organisation, Reduced back office workload for handling queries
  • Complex business processes can be managed with ease and where necessary compliance enforced
  • Intuative and easy to use interface to reduce training and onboarding times
  • Management reporting provides detailed statistical analysis on Contact Centre performance against key metrics: Customer centric measures – including customer satisfaction and first time resolution replace average call handling times as primary indicators of contact centre performance, Call handling times, Number of calls abandoned, Calls transferred, Comparison to SLA’s

The Voice of the Customer

The ’Voice of the Customer’ has become noticeably louder and more challenging in the modern age.  Forward thinking organisations now recognise that to meet that challenge they have to become much more agile in the way they engage with customers.  The combination of informed consumers, backed by the power of social media and an increasingly complex multichannel world has forced organisations to transform the way they operate their customer service teams. numero360 allows organisations to manage customer engagements in a way that not only meets their brand obligations but also promote exceptional customer experiences that create loyal advocates for their brand.

The Contact Centre remains a vital resource for countless organisations that need to speak directly to customers to deliver great service. That presents the opportunity to exceed expectations and delight customers with exceptional experiences and by doing so earn their loyalty and advocacy.

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