View video The Internet, mobile communication and social media have changed the world of customer service. That is why world leaders rely on numero to streamline customer journeys across all forms of communication from traditional channels such as phone calls and correspondence, to new favourites including Facebook and mobile apps. Regardless of the source, nature or complexity of the customer journey, numero has the know-how, software platform and implementation expertise to transform the way companies interact. The outcome is a better way of doing business through greater efficiency, brand equity, customer satisfaction and growth.


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In today’s changing IS/IT landscape, different organisations adopt different forms of software delivery and support to meet their individual organisational characteristics and requirements.

The numero Software as a Product (SaaP) solution is designed for organisations that prefer an ‘on-premises’ model – most typically those with medium to large contact centre operations. To use our solutions in this way, clients agree a perpetual or annual software licence based on their required level of transactions (typically based on monthly usage). Without the budget constraints or capital cost implications of a license fee based on the number of users or seats, clients are free to roll-out the numero platform across the enterprise. We find this is the most effective and efficient option for clients as they are able to release the full benefits and potential of the numero solution unencumbered. The cost of our SaaP implementations is typically supported by a business case – see numero act – with associated operational efficiency and ROI measures.

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about i-Series

In creating the i-Series, we have drawn on our vast experience of developing specific Quick Start applications functionality to meet the precise needs of the vertical market sectors we serve.

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The i-Series applications

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