Solution Delivery

It’s not just the technology

For over a decade numero has been at the very centre of our customers search for superior service. We have a pragmatic and sustainable approach to both delivering solutions and developing them over time. Whether an organisation wants to improve customer experiences via a specific communication channel, such as email, or is looking for an omni-channel strategy to deliver superior experiences companywide, numero can help.

Crucially we recognise that the introduction of new technology is rarely a panacea. Only when people and processes are fully aligned with the objectives of superior customer experiences will the benefits of new technology be fully realised.

Inquiry before Advocacy

At numero we make sure we understand the problem before recommending a solution. Our highly skilled Solutions Delivery Team have a wealth of Contact Centre experience at the highest level. They understand the challenges that have to be faced to deliver successful Customer Service and Customer Experience Management initiatives. From simple, single channel projects to transformational business re-engineering numero has the skills and experience to make your vision for superior customer services a reality.

Preparing for Success

numero solutions start with a business case. We establish early on in the relationship that there is a clear ROI and that our solutions have the potential to address a business need. Whether the project is limited in scope to a single channel or is a wide ranging multichannel strategic engagement we do the initial groundwork to ensure people and processes are focussed on customer experiences before new technology is introduced.

Delivering Superior Customer Experiences

numero’s highly experienced team of consultants, project managers, trainers and developers are based in the UK. We believe that having the right people on the ground and available throughout the life of a project is crucial to its success and our ability to react quickly to the needs of our clients is central to our proposition.

numero has an agile, pragmatic approach to implementing CX solutions that are on time and to budget. We recognise that only if we commit to the providing superior customer experiences ourselves can we expect to succeed in helping our customers do the same.

For more information on how numero helps organisations to deliver superior customer experiences contact us now.

Unique to our business, numero act brings together numero specialists with business sponsors in client organisations to understand the challenges, objectives, scope and potential of any given situation.

client quotes

numero supports our strategy of investing in ‘best of breed’ applications, that deliver significant improvements in the overall customer experience and help us to improve agent productivity by means of better and more sophisticated tools.This enables us to lower the cost of transacting with the customer so that we can maintain our UK based customer service operation and avoid the perils of ‘off-shoring’

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