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Solutions for your Contact Centre from numero

Problem: Peak trading swamped the Contact Centre with emails enquiries resulting in missed SLA’s and poor customer satisfaction.

Solution: numero email management helps the Contact Centre to significantly improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our solution allows emails to be interpreted, categorised, routed and responded to in record time. With automated controls on quality and the enforcement of best practice you can be confident that your customers are being treated in a reliable and professional manner.

Problem: Inbound contacts rose sharply during peak trading leading to a deterioration in first time resolution rates.

Solution: numero interactive has been developed from the ground up to integrate all communication channels in to single view of all customer contact and activity. By closely integrating with a dynamic knowledgebase, external databases, legacy systems and CRM applications Contact Centre agents have all information they need to ensure first time resolution rates are exceptional even during peak trading.

Problem: Your self-service solution failed to deflect as many calls away from the Contact Centre as you’d hoped.

Solution: numero Self-Service Portal encourages customers to take control and update their account details online. In the addition the Portal provides secure messaging between an organisation and their clients allowing sensitive information to be shared in total confidence. The solution has been designed to minimise the effort required to integrate with existing websites and standard components allow self-service functionality to be introduced with ease.

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About numero

numero is a full multi-channel, multi lingual Customer Interaction Management (CIM) platform that provides customers, employees and business partners with seamless and engaging experiences.

Key Benefits:

1/ Improve Customer Experience (CX) through consistent, personalised and relevant experiences. Increased channel choice and first time resolution rates deliver higher customer and colleague satisfaction rates and reduce churn.

2/ Reduce Operating Costs through increased efficiencies. Dramatically reduce the time and effort associated with handling customer interactions by streamlining business processes and increasing automation.

3/ Reduce Time to Value through rapid deployment of digital self service and contact centre features. Built for quick implementation numero solutions enable organisations to maximise their existing technology investments and leverage current data assets.

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