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In the Channel Shift era, those responsible for the provision of public services on a local level are expected to perform miracles. All it takes is online enablement to ensure costs tumble while the level of citizen engagement rises dramatically. The reality is different altogether as anyone in the sector knows from the array of conferences, white papers, case studies, consultation papers and opinion pieces on the topic.

Whilst the challenges of channel shift are clear, the case for change can be compelling. numero believes the key to success is the identification of services and situations that offer the most immediate and significant impact. Address these and the benefits are twofold, firstly the realisation of efficiencies that can be re-invested in other areas and secondly with the rapid engagement of citizens to over-come channel drift. The confidence in our approach is derived from practical, hands-on experience, rather than ethereal ideas and focuses on the stages below.

Channel shift not drift

The potential for channel shift needs to be established through research and analysis rather than relying on speculation or theoretical scenarios. numero offers a free consultancy service to qualifying providers of local services in the UK. Employing the same methodology used to great effect with other numero clients, we deploy our Activity Capture web-based application across any number of contact centre agents to identify critical channel shift intelligence including:

  • Service level performance by department and service category
  • Volume of enquiries by day-part by department and service category
  • Contact resolution status by department and service category
Channel shift not drift

Channel shift ROI

numero examines existing citizen service journeys together with findings from channel shift potential research (see above) to determine the business case and for specific services from specific departments. As part of the process, citizen segments can be determined and surveys undertaken to establish the appetite and attitude to change – which is critical in the avoidance of channel drift. The output of this stage is typically:

  • A business case working document
  • Identification of shared service opportunities
  • Education on numero solutions that can be deployed


Channel shift ROI

Channel shift select & deploy

numero typically helps local public service providers to progress to the deployment stage with the selection of ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions that offer immediate gains in terms of cost savings and increased citizen engagement. We provide demonstration systems and proof-of-concept pilots that are a highly practical and proactive way to enable channel shift. Currently, the public services demonstrating the highest levels of channel shift deployment are:

  • Libraries
  • Refuse
  • Parks
  • Leisure
  • Business support
  • Highways
Channel shift select & deploy

The future of channel shift

numero adopts an iterative approach to channel shift, encouraging local authorities and providers of local public services to make progress in stages – progressing from quick wins to long term to gains. The approach minimises channel drift and can deliver service efficiencies that can be re-invested in further channel shift progress. Looking ahead, the key areas of adoption for 2014 are likely to be:

  • Phone and email deflection
  • Self-service enablement across online, voice and SMS
  • Streamlined citizen experiences
The future of channel shift

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