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Customer Experience Consultancy

Success in today’s ever-changing world is intrinsically linked to customer experience. The facts speak for themselves as organisation that deliver customer experience excellence outperform their markets by 14% annually. Service is now the battleground for business as customers are four-times more likely to defect to a competitor following a service-base issue.

For over a decade, numero has helped organisations to do the right thing through the provision of people, processes and technology that enable extraordinary customer experience that’s built on:

Loyal satisfied customers

Our solutions make customers feel special. We make it possible for organisations to deliver personal service at any scale, creating the sense in customers that they are known, understood and valued. The experience is the same across all the channels of communication they use and stage of the journey they are on – across everything from initial marketing engagement that is timely and relevant to concluding stages such as on-time deliveries. Customers served within numero environments respond extremely positively feeling that:

  • Irrespective of the way I make contact they know who I am and what I want
  • The people I speak to can deal with everything first time, no need to call back
  • The marketing I receive is so much more interesting and relevant to me
Loyal satisfied customers

Exceptional employees

We ensure people feel valued, empowered and equipped to make a positive contribution to customer experience.  Our solutions help ensure employees can respond well to needs, resolve issues quickly, build strong relationships and work in rewarding ways.  Employees working within numero environments respond extremely positively feeling that:

  • Customers respect me because I can respond quickly
  • Customers are less likely to be unpleasant which reduces stress
  • Customers make my job more rewarding
Exceptional employees

Superb supply chain

We make it possible for different organisations to work as one within a single supply chain. Our solutions provide a joined-up view of the entire customer journey and promotes efficiency that keeps costs low.  Businesses can focus on their core business and introduce best-of-breed partners to enhance overall customer experience – safe in the knowledge that everything is integrated and in control.  Business partners working within numero environments respond extremely positively feeling that:

  • Real-time information allows realistic expectations to be set for customers
  • We are able to provide a joined-up view to the customer
  • Our businesses work more efficiently together

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