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The problem with emails containing content – either directly or from a web link – is that they can be intercepted, forwarded and shared without restriction.

Whilst messages can be safeguarded through numero’s <integrated secure mailbox><link to 3301>, this mandates that users must have previously registered to view the content, or that they must register before they can access the content – an approach that isn’t always necessary or appropriate given that it that it can reduce click-through rates.

numero also offers a simple, ‘semi-secure’ method for distributing content such as targeted promotional discounts that only need a reduced level of seurity.

With options to expire links after a defined period, specify a maximum number of views and the ability to link the specific email with a specific viewing of personalised content, numero makes it easy to produce fine-grained and ‘reasonably secure’ mailings to individuals – without mandating that they register on the web site – with the consequential reduced click-through rates.

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