Local authorities and councils everywhere are under pressure to cut budgets and improve citizen engagement. Some have piloted online self-service for selected public services, revealing social inclusion issues and the dichotomy of cost reduction and service level improvement. Many report a growing challenge that is being magnified by ever increasing customer expectations, across multiple channels of engagement and increasingly fragmented systems, touch points and journeys.

Thankfully, we are unequivocally answering these challenges by delivering unified, consistent, liberating and groundbreaking experiences across multiple channels of communication within the public sector. In simple terms, we enable a powerful channel shift for public services through ready-made solutions that only need configuring to meet individual needs. As a result, local councils can quickly and cost-effectively enhance public services in many ways – free from historical constraints – through the provision of:

  • Secure portals that allow citizens to securely interact with public services in a variety of ways including convenient self-service access
  • Efficient enquiry and complaints handling systems that intelligently interpret, categorise and manage the appropriate workflow for each and every case
  • Multi-channel engagement to enable members of the public to make contact however they choose, from traditional standards such as letter and phone to new favourites including social media and smartphones
  • Secure payment systems through which citizens can make payments and access services in times and ways that suit their lifestyles
  • Easy to implement applications to meet the specific requirements of individual departments or services
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes

We have proven that tomorrow’s vision can be delivered today with solutions that pay for themselves in a matter of months while providing benefits for years to come. Importantly, there is no need to replace existing systems as numero fully integrates with legacy applications and processes so that additional channels of communication and ways of interacting can be integrated with ease. The combined impact for local councils is the ability to:

  • Maintain high-quality public services and improve performance
  • Reduce costs, make savings and work more efficiently
  • Provide exceptional customer experience and more relevant services
  • Improve service levels and accessibility

As a result of this work, we have established an inspiring collection of ideas, inspiration, best practice and research opinion that we are delighted to share with you. Some of this information is available via the links below, but there is much more.

Please feel free to access these resources opposite and at the bottom of this page or get in contact with me to discuss your areas of interest.

Guy Richardson
Account Director

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