Proof, approval & contract stages

Proof, approval & contract stages

Proof stage

This stage of numero act introduces the prospective client to existing numero clients, typically through site visits, face-to-face meetings and the provision of references. This critically important stage allows organisations to see our solutions in an operational context and gain reassurance from peers.

Approval stage

A numero implementation is normally a strategic solution involving a number of the organisation’s operational units (such as customer services, marketing, IT, contact centre, back office etc). The benefits of the solution will be significant and typically delivered within a short time frame. The Approval stage ensures required resources and procedures are identified, prioritised and put in place to meet implementation milestones. numero act follows a Business Case approval process, usually aligned to a monthly Executive Approval process, such as Board meeting.

Contract stage

This stage follows naturally from the Executive Approval sign-off and typically takes the form of a client-approved business case solution delivery program. This ensures the benefits translate directly to deliverables with success measures supported by a clear program of works. As part of this stage, numero proposes formal agreements for all the elements of the solutions including the Software Licence, Professional Services Contracts and Annual Support Agreements.

Following these final numero act stages, the solution progresses to the implementation and maintenance stages, delivered through numero pro.

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