Implementation services

Implementation services

Successful implementation of a new contact centre, web or back office solution depends on the availability of appropriate skills and resources across a range of technical disciplines. Our dedicated team of well-educated, highly trained and motivated consultants work along our Implementation and Consultancy Partners to offer a complete implementation service to clients. In fact, we consider this aspect of our solutions as offering the same levels of excellence and value to clients as our software platform.

We can either take care of project delivery in its entirety or collaborate with client teams to ensure knowledge is transferred in the process. Each project commences with the creation and approval of a Project Initiation Document (‘PID’), which defines the scope, roles, responsibilities, deliverables, success metrics and timetable for each numero project. Our projects tend to utilise:

Project Managers who ensure the requirements of the PID are delivered on-time and budget. They monitor and report on progress and identify areas which may impact on progress – adopting a sympathetic and collaborative style throughout. The project managers’ ultimate responsibility is to ensure client satisfaction and approval through a ‘Project Sign Off document’.

Knowledge Engineers who set-up the numero software platform to ensure all customer communications are accurately processed. This role is specific to our solutions and is a numero responsibility initially. Where required, we transfer these skills and techniques to client representatives through training and collaborative working.

Implementation Specialists set-up the numero platform to process all customer communications. This task requires a clear understanding of the communication workflow, the business requirements and the intended output for any given action. The implementation specialists also set-up the reporting element of numero solutions to ensure the standard, bespoke and exception reports are delivered as required.

Business Consultants help clients to review and improve their current processes and introduce new procedures/processes that are enabled by the numero software platform.

Application Specialists provide specialist advice on the integration of numero solutions with proprietary application from the likes of Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Siebel, SAP, Chordiant etc.

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