Web Chat

Web Chat

Offer your customers Chat to create highly positive experiences whilst improving conversion rates, building loyalty and keeping ahead of your competition.

Convert customers with personalised Live Chat engagement

The use of Chat as channel of customer engagement has increased dramatically in recent years. Given the potential ‘chat’ has for improving customer experiences and promoting contact centre centre efficiency its popularity is hardly surprising.  Web Chat from numero enables organisations to deploy a functionally rich, easy to implement and simple to use solution in a matter of days.

The benefits of Chat are being increasingly recognised by organisations and their customers.  It is more dynamic than FAQs  and  less costly than a phone call. It can provide useful assistance at the most opportune time and it allows people to have a ‘conversation’ without being heard. Whether you are looking to help an online shopper or provide advice during a service enquiry, Chat is an engaging and cost effective way of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

At numero we have the knowledge and expertise to help our customers to identify when a Chat deployment makes sense and a proven methodology for successful implementation.

Key Features

  • Instant customer gratification, improving CSAT scores and loyalty
  • Proven process for defining and measuring success criteria for each deployment
  • Brand aligned to fit with your web site look and feel
  • Quick to deploy, quick to deliver results: numero360 Web Chat is simple to configure and easy to use,  the solution can be up and running in a matter of days
  • Variety of deployment styles to minimise IT dependencies where required
  • Behavioural targeting to increase sales
  • Determines which agents are available and offers alternatives such as ‘Call Me Back’ where appropriate
  • Optionally route different types of chat to different Agent skill sets
  • Agents handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously for significant operational efficiency gains
  • Leverages existing Single Agent Desktop enabling existing Agents to get up to speed in less than an hour
  • Automatically recommends Agent response to customer dialogue
  • Full Knowledge Base integration, providing Agents with quick and easy access to relevant, targeted knowledge
  • Workflow and monitoring to manage Chat Enquiries which require further investigation
  • Warm-transfer and consult features to support real-time escalation between agents, departments and supervisors
  • Provides comprehensive management information and reporting

A 360 Customer view

Exceptional customer experiences come from a unified view of all communication between an organisation and its customers. numero360 Chat is one element of a multi-channel Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that provides customers, employees and business partners with seamless and engaging experiences. Through a combination of self-service capabilities, process automation, legacy systems integration and the streamlining of manual processes, numero360 is able to dramatically reduce the time and effort associated with the handling of all customer interactions across all communication channels.

By making Chat part of a unified view of all customer communication an organisation can exceed expectations and delight customers with exceptional experiences that encourage loyalty and promote advocacy.

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