Social Media engagement

Social Media

Use the power of numero360 to listen, interact and respond to your customers via Social Media. Generate positive and engaging customer experiences and when necessary act fast to reduce the damage done by negative comments.

Service your customers via Twitter and Facebook

Social media has revolutionised the way consumers communicate. From sharing content with friends on Facebook to spreading gossip via Twitter; social media is now engrained in the daily routine of hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

numero360 Facebook Help Centre portal uniquely allows your customers to access FAQs, Click-to-Call, Contact Us web forms and live Web Chat without leaving Facebook when they have a problem. Your organisations contact centre agents can monitor Facebook and Twitter,  interpret content, understand sentiment and where appropriate route a ‘call to action’ to an suitably skilled agent to effectively handle customer communications and where appropriate take the conversation out of the public domain.

numero360 provides organisations with the means to take action with the bigger picture in mind. With knowledgebase support and the best possible understanding of customer history agents can provide those exceptional experiences that inspire loyalty and create vocal advocates in a medium that can no longer be ignored.

Key Features

  • Quick to deploy, quick to deliver results: numero360 Social Media is simple to configure and easy to use
  • Streamline self-service via the Facebook portal and make it easy and convenient for customers to communicate with you via their favourite social media platform
  • Intelligently capture and analyse Facebook activity and generate ‘offline work items’ where necessary to resolve customer complaints in a timely fashion
  • Allow agents to manage negative sentiment on Twitter and Facebook by engaging customers whilst remaining in numero360 and accessing a single customer view
  • Handle Twitter posts sensitively with sentiment/language parsing and intelligent workflow handling that categorises and prioritises tweets as they appear
  • Consolidate relevant social media commentary and ‘conversations’ in to a single customer view that includes all Contact Centre contact across multiple channels

A 360 Customer view

Exceptional customer experiences come from a unified view of all communication between an organisation and its customers. numero360 Social Media  is one element of a multi-channel customer solution that handles traditional phone contact, email and written communication. Additionally numero360 can be configured to harvest information from ‘back office’ systems and databases to enrich and validate data thereby reduce handling times, reduce call backs and ensure due diligence.

By making Facebook and Twitter customer service part of a unified view of all customer communication an organisation can exceed expectations and delight customers with exceptional experiences that encourage loyalty and promote advocacy.

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