Mobile Customer Experience


Delight customers by giving them the freedom to interact with your organisation on their own terms.

Seamless customer experiences across any device

The rapid evolution of the smart phone has put sophisticated computing power in the consumer’s pocket and companies cannot afford to ignore the implications. The customer now makes the rules on how, when and where they want to ‘do business’ and if they choose to use a mobile device they expect the experience to be just as rich and engaging as any other channel of communication.

Users of numero mobile self-service applications enjoy the same self-service functionality of the website but on a mobile device.  Anytime anywhere access to products and services combines with a unified system of engagement to make the customer journey seamless.

By ensuring that the convenience of mobile is not comprised by an inferior experience consumers are more likely to opt for self service and by doing so organisations can profit from improved productivity and the loyalty of satisfied customers.

Key Features

  • Flexible Design: Flexibility is key to the design methodology of numero mobile self-service applications. We recognise that our applications will sit alongside others on the device and that it may be valuable for our customers to allow these applications to share information. Our fully documented API provides a highly flexible environment for integrating with third party applications
  • Seamless brand experience: Customisable Suite of Style Templates
  • Responsive Web Design: numero mobile self-service applications are designed to provide an optimal viewing experience for easy reading and navigation with the minimum amount of resizing, scrolling and panning
  • Activity Capture: Gain insight into how customers use available services to drive continuous improvement of the customer experience and the effectiveness of the services provided
  • Federated Identity: Allowing the use of social credentials (such as Facebook) to log in
  • Standard Interfaces:  standard interfaces are provided as the starting point for integrating with ‘back office’ databases across multiple systems, for example: Location services, Billing and Payment applications, Order Management Systems
  • Standard Components: 
    • FAQs, Maintenance routines
    • Integration to Social Media: authentication, sharing, liking
    • Case Management: raise, view, update,
    • News Feed: my subscriptions, push notifications, offers
    • Request for assistance: Web Chat, Contact Us, Call Me Back.

A 360 Customer view

Although assisted service is unlikely to ever disappear there’s little doubt that self-service done properly will continue to gain popularity amongst organisations and their customers.

It is the coming together of sophisticated smartphone technology and functionally rich applications that has made mobile the new frontier for self-service. Unshackled from the desktop or the call centre queue, the smartphone user is free to conduct their business virtually anywhere and at a time of their choosing. As the technology continues to advance it seems inevitable that this communication channel will become the preferred method of engagement for a large proportion of consumers.

The challenge therefore is to ensure that self-service, across all devices,   is an asset to the brand rather than a barrier to customer satisfaction. At numero we pride ourselves on delivering superior customer experiences irrespective of the communication channel or the communication device and our self-service applications continue that tradition.

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