Email Response Management


Handle email enquiries with efficiency and ease whilst ensuring customers receive a swift, accurate and above all personal response.

A fast and personalised response to every email

Despite the emergence and popularity of other communication channels email remains an essential method of customer engagement and central to any Contact Centre strategy for improving customer experiences.

numero360 Email helps the Contact Centre to significantly improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Our solution allows emails to be interpreted, categorised, routed and responded to in record time.  With automated controls on quality and the enforcement of best practice you can be confident that your customers are being treated in a reliable and professional manner.

Key Features

  • Quick to deploy, quick to deliver results: numero360 Email is simple to configure and easy to use,  the solution can be up and running in a matter of days
  • Accurate & predictable allocation of messages to work queues: numero automates the categorisation of messages via a set of pre-defined rules, which in turn route emails to the appropriate team
  • Efficient and automated response handling: Agent performance is enhanced with suggested response paragraphs based on the email category which can dramatically improve handling times and customer satisfaction levels
  • Intelligent Agent Guidance and integrated knowledge:  Agents can access and update a knowledgebase allowing them to share best practice, leading to improved customer experiences and faster query resolution
  • Enquiry escalation: for team leader requirements and quality assurance monitoring
  • Improved quality assurance: numero360 Email supports the extensive use of standard response templates improving both efficiency and consistency; the quality of responses is further enhanced through automated quality sampling with supervisor approvals and automated analysis of outgoing messages.
  • Case Management and history: numero360 ensures all related inbound and outbound emails are allocated to a Case record which also displays easy to understand case statistics. The case gets allocated to the customer record for a consolidated view of all related email communication.
  • Management control of priorities: numero360 Email puts managers in control by empowering them with detailed information on operator workload and productivity.  Work queues can be dynamically managed to provide the most efficient use of resources and to ensure customers are getting a responsive service.
  • Management Information you can rely on:  Key metrics are reported upon as standard including: amount of emails arriving in any given timeframe, who from,  response time, accuracy of answer and quality standards.

A 360 Customer view

Exceptional customer experiences come from a unified view of all communication between an organisation and its customers. numero360 Email management is one element of numero360; our multi-channel Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that provides customers, employees and business partners with seamless and engaging experiences. Through a combination of self-service capabilities, process automation, legacy systems integration and the streamlining of manual processes, numero interactive is able to dramatically reduce the time and effort associated with the handling of all customer interactions across all communication channels.

By making email response management part of a unified view of all customer communication an organisation can exceed expectations and delight customers with superior experiences that encourage loyalty and promote advocacy.

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