Document Management


Take the hard work out of managing document inflows and outflows and ensure all ‘hard copy’ communication is part of a single customer view. 

Improved speed and efficiency in handling document communication

Despite the emergence of digital and voice communication, many traditional consumer segments and types of correspondence depend on paper-based contact. This is especially true for customer complaints, form-based workflows (such as claims and renewals) and legislative/compliance matters – many of which are vitally important to organisational success. This means written (or white mail) communication continues to be a vitally important aspect of a company Contact Centre and is expected to remain so for many years to come.

numero360 Document Management has a powerful underlying business process automation capability that allows the solution to handle complex workflows. The result is significantly reduced processing time and improved agent experience. Typical examples include: life and pension policy administration, licence renewal processing, claims handling, complaints, refunds, critical care processing and so on.

Key Features

  • Transform document-based communication by automating tasks: data completion, data verification, data checking, query response generation, outbound document production
  • Allows  predefined workflows for important processes including complaints, claims and renewals
  • Automatically escalates issues to agents/supervisors/managers when conditions are met
  • Includes centralised, self-learning knowledge base
  • Automatically interprets inbound documents through proprietary NLP technology
  • Automatically structures document libraries
  • Intelligently routes documents to relevant agents, departments and workflows
  • Responds to inbound documents automatically through pre-defined templates
  • Provides comprehensive management information and reporting
  • Comprehensive audit and QA processes ensure highest possible outbound quality

A 360 Customer view

For most organisations, document-based interactions are typically labour-intensive and costly to manage. Add to this the inherent time delays and scope for human error and it is easy to appreciate the difficulty of maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency where ‘white-mail’ is involved.  numero360 Document Management is one element of a multi-channel Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that provides customers, employees and business partners with seamless and engaging experiences.

Through a combination of self-service capabilities, process automation, legacy systems integration and the streamlining of manual processes, numero360 is able to dramatically reduce the time and effort associated with the handling of all customer interactions across all communication channels.

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