Dining at any Chef’s Table is a memorable experience. When it’s the Michelin Star Maze restaurant in the company of the owner, Gordon Ramsay, the evening is unique.

In the latest of our private dinners for a small, hand-picked table of business leaders, we were privileged to be joined by the celebrity chef in the exclusive surroundings of his table in the heart of the kitchen. The gallery of images above provide a flavour of the evening in which Gordon spoke candidly on a diverse range of topics (below) while our guests shared business ideas, experiences and inspirations. Added stimulation was provided when our guests donned aprons in the kitchen to help with the presentation of dishes on the pass. Perhaps the best summary of this incredible night is the comments from our guests (opposite).

The Chef’s Table Experience is one of the many events we host throughout the year as an integral part of our unique way of doing business. Whether playing golf with European Tour Professionals, watching premiership football from prime seats at Old Trafford, skiing in Austria or hosting other extra ordinary events, we aim to provide a platform for our valued clients and associates to exchange ideas and share one-off experiences. As is the case for all numero events, our guests set the agenda for the evening’s discussion with our latest business transformation projects for a number of leading global brands providing further compelling content for the evening

Gordon Ramsay taking time out to share his experiences and views on a host of topics was a thoughtful and compelling addition to the evening. In over an hour’s discussion we gained a direct insight to his:

  • Business structure and funding, across 22 restaurants
  • Latest ventures in Las Vegas and the Paris Casino
  • The challenges associated with running a high profile restaurant at Claridges, the landlord of which is the Barclay Brothers’ empire
  • Joy at running a Michelin star restaurant in Versailles, gaining one on our neighbours across the channel
  • Casual attire for the evening – a throwback to training for Soccer Aid which took place the following weekend, with a star performance by Teddy Sherringham – view
  • Training for Iron Man in November, with the complication of transitioning from bike to track making this serial marathon runner question how long he can push himself so hard
  • Chef’s Tables in most Gordon Ramsay restaurants to give customers the opportunity to see how hard the team works, showcase the menu and provide a unique experience

Perhaps best of all, Gordon thanked our party of 7 for visiting Maze once again. On the basis of this evening – and the incredible feedback we received to the Maze evenings in 2011 – we are certain to return again soon to provide other partners and clients the opportunity to experience our unique numero Act event format.

Some feedback from the evening:

“A huge thank you for an amazing evening on Wednesday… the experience this time was something else… a great table to be a part of…spending time with Gordon Ramsay was something special.”

“Thank you for an excellent evening at The Maze…it was a most enjoyable evening.”

“It was a unique event, with great company and ambience.”

“The company and experience were first class and meeting Gordon was a real bonus.”

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