Hi Chris

Good to talk to you earlier in the week. It became clear from our conversation that you face a similar dilemma to your peers at Matalan, Argos, Tesco, Lakeland, Thomas Cook, Express Gifts and JD Sports.

These and other clients of numero have shared the challenge of heightened customer expectations across multiple channels of engagement in the face of increasingly fragmented customer touch points and journeys. The combination of these competing factors has led many to question whether it will ever be possible to deliver the seamless experience customers now demand without breaking the bank.

numero is unequivocally answering this question by delivering unified, consistent and groundbreaking experiences to customers of these companies through our transformational solutions. Helping each to address the fundamental challenge of either meeting customer expectations or losing their loyalty.

Please explore the links on this website page for examples of both our standalone channel solutions and our ability to deliver an omnichannel customer experience by fully integrating all customer touch points. The Matalan video (opposite) probably sums this up best.

We are a privately owned, UK based company that has a reputation for being agile and responsive to the needs of our customers. In particular we have a highly talented software development team with the expertise to provide numero solutions that integrate tightly with existing back office systems. It is this ability to ‘surface’ information from legacy databases in numero, in real time, that provides the ‘joined up’ view of customers that we discussed.

I am optimistic that the numero company culture and the fast moving world of Supergroup would sit well together and your aspirations for Omnichannel appear to match our own.

We would certainly welcome the opportunity to meet your key stakeholders to discuss your requirements in detail and to scope out a solution for a subsequent demonstration and proposal.

I will contact Maria next week to get a date in the diary and agree an agenda .

Thanks again for your time.


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