numero puts mobile service in the hands of customers everywhere

Mobile customer service

numero helps organisations to get closer to their customers by enabling interaction via mobile devices – including phones, tablets and smartphones. While interaction is via a mobile device, it is powered by the adaptable and proven numero Interactive solutions platform, which puts enterprise-class functionality in the hands of customers, colleagues and other stakeholders. numero quickly and cost effectively delivers mobile services typically providing Webchat, Secure Messaging, Self Service FAQs, Call Me Back or Dataform functionality – all of which can be fully integrated within omni-channel, contact centre and back office solutions.

customer experience

  • Freedom to interact via convenient mobile devices
  • More personal and closer customer experience
  • Freedom to decide where, when and how they interact with companies
  • Revolutionise service, choice and response times
  • Greater convenience with self-service via mobile devices
customer experience

business operations

  • Contact centre agents can interact and support customers using mobile devices
  • Self-service options automate processes, reduce costs and improve service levels
  • Mobile interaction establishes a new route to market
  • Customer mobile data is captured,  enriched, enhanced and accessible from a single customer view
  • Existing technology investment is protected
business operations

the customer perspective

Mobile technology – including tablets and smartphones – have transformed the way customers connect with the world.  numero puts mobile interaction within easy reach of enterprises, paving the way for richer, more convenient and more personal customer engagement and experience.  A world of possibility for consumers is created – with the freedom to interact on-the-move, out-of-hours and with ultimate ease.  Customer experience is transformed by the delivery of personal service and information to the palms of hands – creating a sense that chosen brands and businesses are with you, every step of the way.  Customers enjoy the fact the organisations are travelling with them, or accessible to them, rather than feeling constrained by opening hours, physical premises or generic services.  Their loyalty is strengthened by the ease and convenience of serving themselves or accessing services on the move or during ‘down-time’.

the organisational perspective

Many organisations are constrained by the need for agents to speak to customers and provide one-to-one guidance through processes.  With numero mobile enterprise solutions, these organisations are liberated by the potential of mobile-enabled functionality including Webchat, Secure Messaging, Self Service FAQs, Call Back and Datacapture.  Placing this capability in the hands of customers, colleagues and partners allows organisations to re-engineer processes, redefine workflows and streamline customer journeys.  Tablets, mobile phones and smartphones become an extension of the organisation, with a world of possibility created by customer preference for apps, messaging, self-service and communication on the move.  numero  mobile enterprise solutions deliver fully and partially automated customer service thanks to the powerful functionality of the numero software platform – blending agent, rules-based and self-service delivery to deliver outstanding service levels, cost-saving efficiencies and improved workflows.  The mobile enterprise picture is completed by numero’s single customer view and powerful reporting functionality.

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