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Through the numero act process and resultant business relationships established, we gain exposure to many senior business professionals.

As a consequence, we find ourselves working closely with leaders in the fields of business management, customer services, operations and information technology. numero act events provide a forum for these professionals to meet, share ideas, discuss emerging trends and debate best practise. numero is simply a facilitator for these events. We take great pleasure in bringing together leaders in their fields so they can network and form relationships to further their personal and professional goals.

Recognising that the audience for the numero act events are discerning professionals who typically have the pick of traditional ‘corporate hospitality’ functions (with their associated hard-sell agendas) numero act events have a clear mandate to create something different by following these guidelines:

  • Chatham House Rules – so guests are free to discuss things openly
  • Unique experiences* – strictly no standard hospitality events but unique experiences for guests
  • Reciprocity – where appropriate, guests are encouraged to help fellow guests in the pursuit of their goals
  • No-selling – 100% commitment to no follow-up sales activity by any guest unless invited to explore ideas or initiatives together

*We hold private dinners at the chef’s table of Michelin star restaurants, ski at private venues, play golf at exclusive member-only clubs, watch sold-out football matches and seek other unique event suggestions from all our guests.

The recent Maze Dinners provide an insight to the style of numero act events, read more on these blogs or visit this page to request your place at the next season of dinners.

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