numero works with leading outsourcing companies, helping to drive new standards of operational effectiveness, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and introduce new services. Our experience in this area is evidenced by clients including:

  • Capita
  • CAP
  • Teleperformance
  • And others

numero helps outsourcers in many ways, both during the initial stages of an outsourcing contract and when improving client operations by introducing new innovations to improve service levels and save costs. Our solutions improve contact centre workflows and automate activities, for example by:

  • Analysing the nature of each customer enquiry made by phone, email, website or text message within a single work queue and directing it to the correct agent for action
  • Presenting full details of a customer and the enquiry directly to the agent responsible for dealing with the customer
  • Matching all the relevant information to the customer’s enquiry to help agents in contact centres to respond directly to specific requests.

Perhaps most importantly, we can give outsourcers the power to handle all this through multiple communication channels, broadening their reach way beyond traditional phone and paper-based methods. In doing so, organisations are able to capitalise on the rise in multi-channel communication and to embrace the opportunities created by the web, SMS (text), email and automated telephony (such as IVR).

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