Loyalty & membership

Loyalty & membership

Membership and loyalty schemes are increasingly used to enhance and enrich the customer relationships of brand leaders. numero helps a number of leading companies to maximise the potential of their schemes through the:

  • Collation of customer transactions and history
  • Issuing and redemption of points/vouchers
  • Provision of advanced/privileged notice on offers and product availability
  • Issuing of exclusive offers to gold membership
  • Enhancing customer relationships through event based notifications such as birthdays, mother’s day and new products in stock that match individual customer interests.

Perhaps most importantly, we can give companies the power to handle all this through multiple communication channels, broadening their reach way beyond traditional phone and paper-based methods. In doing so, organisations are able to capitalise on the rise in multi-channel communication and to embrace the opportunities created by the web, SMS (text), email and automated telephony (such as IVR).

Our knowledge and expertise in loyalty and membership schemes is packed in a pre-configured solution based on existing implementations in the field. This solution is pre-configured for standard transactions, ready for out-of-the-box use, to enable rapid implementation and results.

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