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The non-discretionary nature of the services provided by Energy and Utility companies has resulted in missed opportunities to develop the exceptional customer experiences now increasingly regarded as commonplace in the retail sector. With increased competition, negative media coverage, growing public scrutiny and hefty fines for poor performance the entire Energy and Utilities sector is under pressure to change.

With consumers now empowered by online and mobile technology there are new opportunities for Energy and Utility companies to enhance all aspects of the customer journey, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Drawing on our extensive experience in the retail sector numero helps Energy and Utility companies to exploit the potential of new technology whilst at the same time delivering engaging, personal experiences for the customer.

numero enables Energy and Utility companies to deliver:

  • Self service solutions for reporting usage, checking account status and paying bills across multiple devices
  • Mobile apps for reporting service issues and emergencies
  • Proactive customer alerts (via email, SMS and social media) to notify of service outages and upgrades
  • Multi-channel engagement with a single customer view across disparate sources and agencies

Cross-Agency Partnerships

The separation of services across energy supply, distribution and meter operations along with smart metering creates a significant challenge for Energy and Utilities companies.  End-to-end service provision has been eradicated and disparate partners and agencies need to work together cohesively and seamlessly. numero makes this possible over multiple channels of communication enabling consumer expectations to be met through the provision of exceptional customer service that is underpinned by a single view of the full case history, irrespective of the number of  companies involved.

Single Customer View

numero360 for Energy and Utility companies has been designed from the ground-up to provide a multichannel platform that enables consistent, engaging and informed experiences at every customer touch-point.  Customer interactions (including service outage, billing queries and service requests) together with account history, marketing preferences and social media interaction are combined to provide a complete customer relationship environment. With a Single Customer View across all communication channels, Energy and Utility companies are able to provide:

  • Online and mobile customer self-service applications
  • Streamlined contact centre services that improve agent productivity
  • Consistent, up-to-date advice across all channels of communication
  • Targeted, personalised services that appeal to individual customers
Single Customer View

Energy and Utility opportunity

With numero, Energy and Utility companies can now embrace the complete omni-channel opportunity and provide services across multiple channels. Armed with a deeper understanding of customers and their communication needs, providers are perfectly placed to deliver personalised experiences that make customers feel recognised and valued. These exceptional experiences provide the foundation for improved customer loyalty, brand advocacy and overall market share success in the new multi-channel world; winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the consumer.

Energy and Utility opportunity

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