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Companies in the Distribution and Logistics sector face the challenge of providing exceptional customer service on wafer thin profit margins. Whilst major investments in IT systems for warehouse, yard and fleet management are essential to optimise efficiencies across the business; the importance of customer facing solutions cannot be ignored. Whether providing the link between retailers and customers or fulfilling the role of trusted carrier to B2B enterprises, Logistics operators have to deliver a seamless customer journey across multiple touch-points maintain credibility and loyalty.

numero integrates back office data with customer facing solutions to keep everyone fully informed on every stage and aspect of the logistics service. As a result, companies are able to open-up all channels of communication with complete confidence.  All relevant information on customers and their cases can be accessed and shared with ease, making it possible for the entire supply chain to function seamlessly across all business partners and service touch-points.

Single Customer View

numero360 for Distribution and Logistics companies has been designed from the ground-up to provide a multichannel platform that enables consistent, engaging and informed experiences at every customer touch-point.  Customer interactions (including track my order, billing queries and service requests) together with account history, marketing preferences and social media interaction are combined to provide a complete customer relationship environment. With a Single Customer View across all communication channels, Distribution and Logistics companies are able to provide:

  • Fast and efficient response to consumer requests for support including ‘track and trace’ and product returns
  • Improve customer response times by automatically directing customers to relevant channels, teams and agents
  • Create a single view of an otherwise complex customer picture that can involve retailers, carriers, service agents and multiple customer records
  • Timely and efficient notifications of delivery dates and times with the option to rearrange at the touch of a button via multiple channels
  • Fast and efficient communication of service disruptions caused by external factors such as the weather and traffic delays – reducing time-consuming in-bound customer enquiries
  • Dynamic FAQs to improve customer service and self-service
  • Introduction of better measures of logistics performance such as customer satisfaction, first time resolution and P&L performance to replace dated measures such as call handling times
Single Customer View

Logistics Opportunity

With numero, logistics companies can now embrace the complete omni-channel opportunity and provide services across multiple channels including the web, mobile messaging, email, automated telephony (such as IVR) and social media.   Armed with a deeper understanding of customers and their communication needs, logistics providers are perfectly placed to deliver personalised experiences that make customers feel recognised and valued.  These exceptional experiences provide the foundation for improved customer loyalty, brand advocacy and overall market share success in the new multi-channel world; winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the consumer.

Logistics Opportunity

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