Dear Kaye

First of all I would just like to thank you for taking the time to understand more about numero and indeed our solution numero interactive. To accompany the slides I provided you, I felt it may be a good idea to construct this landing page to give you more information on how numero can enhance the customer experience for and demonstrate some of our capabilities through video.

The first video on this page is an example of how we have managed to integrate with the Thomas Cook legacy green screen systems to deliver a screen guided single agent desktop experience. This is designed to streamline the processing of an enquiry / booking and give the agent more time to concentrate on serving the customer and up / cross selling other services.

The second video (A day in the life of customer services – Matalan) is designed to give you a view of how numero provide solutions that improve the experience of both the customer and indeed the agent. I wanted to show you this video as it demonstrates the level of commitment numero provide to assist our clients in delivering key messages of change to the business. In this case Matalan asked us to develop this video so they could show the board how much their customer services team has changed over the last year.

As previously mentioned, I would really like to give you a demonstration of numero interactive, I do believe that this will only enhance the information I have already provided. if you have any availability over the next couple of weeks then please let me know?

Kind regards,

Phil Capper
+44 7921 749 785

clients we work with

clients we work with

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