Many of our clients face the challenge of heightened customer expectations across multiple channels of engagement in the face of increasingly fragmented customer systems, touchpoints and journeys. The combination of these competing factors has led many to question whether it will ever be possible to deliver the experience customers now demand without breaking the bank.

Thankfully, we are unequivocally answering this question by delivering groundbreaking experiences to our clients customers through numero’s transformational solutions. Helping each to address the fundamental challenge of having to meet customer expectations or lose loyalty.

numero interactive is a customer interaction management platform with solutions covering contact centre, back office, web, mobile and social as well as horizontal applications such as complaints management, help desk and order taking. numero’s Single Agent Desktop provides all the necessary insight to an agent while handling any given type of customer interaction increasing agent and supervisor productivity, improving customer experience (CX) and reducing costs by orchestrating the delivery of the right data to the right agent desktop WITHOUT the agent having to use multiple systems and windows.

      Key benefits:

    • Full customer / case / record available to provide a 360 degree view of the customer (and history)
    • Full multi channel solution – the agent has dynamic access to all received documents, web chat records, emails, web contacts, Twitter and Facebook transactions
    • Increased customer loyalty and customer experience
    • Improved first time resolution rates
    • Self service and My Account portals to aid contact deflection
    • Proactive and auto response communication
    • Multi-brand set up
    • Huge increases in up sell and cross sell
    • Configured not coded solution – highly flexible and revolutionary set up times

No matter how many underlying legacy or back office systems your organisation may have, numero’s team of integration experts will configure our platform to communicate with them so that the interaction can be completed via just a single screen. All the relevant data that will be needed to help resolve the interaction will be presented including – customer data, case history and details of the work item.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and whether there is an opportunity for us to come and present our solution capabilities to you and how numero could benefit your organisation.

Kindest regards,

Tim Anderton
+44 161 475 0344
+44 7740 835943

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