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Web chat is a one-to-one text dialogue between consumers and organisations which takes place online. There are three typical options to invoke a chat session: the consumer clicks on a “click to chat” button to alert an agent or the organisation proactively prompts the consumer with the option when pre-defined criteria are met (for example, when someone has been on-site for a certain length of time or has visited certain pages). Existing contact centre agents can be utilised to resource the chat service or sometimes dedicated chat agents are deployed.
  • Fully configurable service invoked through parameterised criteria including agent availability & customer behaviours
  • All dialogues automatically recorded against the customer/case record
  • Repeat dialogues returned to the same agent to develop the client engagement
  • Option to email a record of dialogue to the consumer
  • Intelligent interpretation of customer dialogue*
  • Automatic recommendation of agent response through hot key and drop down lists*
  • Option to warm transfer the chat session with the full customer record
  • Full management and control of the session by Supervisor
  • Supports multiple brands with differing SLA’s within the same contact centre
  • Agents can handle multiple sessions at a time.
  • Full MI pack.*using numero Mentarte technology
  • Improving online sales conversion rates
  • Increasing online order values through up and cross sell
  • Increasing agent efficiency
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Resolving critical consumer service and product queries
  • Improving customer service
  • Identifying customer objections and issues
  • Reducing the volume of inbound calls.
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