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The numero interactive platform features an open standards, Enterprise level knowledgebase which is a multi-media, multi-language content repository. The Knowledgebase is fully integrated with the core numero interactive functionality through common meta-data.The Knowledgebase seamlessly integrates Response Templates, Frequently Asked Questions, Knowledgebase Articles, Agent Task Scripts and sundry reference material (such as product information or sales brochures) so that numero interactive is able to consistently streamline timely and accurate responses – via all of the communications channels like telephony, web self-service, chat, email or SMS. With powerful dynamic content substitution capabilities, fully personalised content is the norm with numero interactive and integration of value-add messaging (such as business notifications, promotions or cross-sell messaging) is a breeze across all the communication channels.The end result is that customer benefit by receiving a consistent and personal messages irrespective of how they made contact and for ALL the channels. The service provider benefits by supporting the agent through ‘pushing’ information to the agent thereby reducing handing time and agent decisioning.
Features Benefits
  • A single content repository to store all of the organisation’s key information.
  • One centralised version of the truth which can store document templates, standard responses, dynamic content, documents, help text, promotions, product fact sheets, agent scripts and so on.
  • Improve first time resolution rates and enhance the customer experience through consistent, accurate and complete answers.
  • Reduce training costs and improve business repeatability, knowledge sharing and operational efficiency.
  • Out of the box pre configured knowledge base to support key vertical markets like subscriptions, membership, retail, and utilities businesses.
  • Plus pre configured templates for customer service, complaints’, help desk and many others.
  • Rapid deployment (days or weeks, not months) with guaranteed results and minimal costs based on proven industry specific configurations.
  • Configured and maintained by non-technical staff.
  • Maximum business agility with minimal management costs.
  • Supports all elements of a modern business.
  • The Knowledgebase serves and supports the self service website, Intranet, B2C portal, B2B portal, website FAQ, SMS responses, the agent, customer and field agent needs from a single centralised repository.
  • Fully automated and dynamic suggestions of the knowledge base material at all stages of developing and answering a response.
  • The customer service agent does not need to spend any time finding the relevant information to answer a query as the information is dynamically served to the agent desktop; instead, the agent can focus on the customer to make sure the query is resolved first time.
  • The customer is served with relevant information during their web self service journey too ensuring the answer is consistent with all the other channels involving direct agent intervention.
  • Engineers, van drivers, stores staff and remote operators are served with the very same information to ensure a totally consistent service.
  • Multi language content store which dynamically serves the right language knowledge to the customer, agent or field worker.
  • Manage multi language businesses across multiple channels automatically from one knowledge base.
  • Conditional content served based on a powerful rules engine supported through a commanding workflow.
  • Complex content can be automatically served to the agent, website, B2C portal or indeed any location from the knowledgebase to provide a personalised and highly customised service.
  • Powerful search engine.
  • Allows any item from the knowledge base to be quickly recovered to be used at any point in the response process and to be maintain by the administration team.
  • Flexible views across the knowledge base with multiple taxonomies and content hierarchies.
  • Allows the content to be easily managed by “content owners” and supports the delivery of information to multiple readers types: public, private and personalised views
  • Supports the definition of dynamic content by reference to external sources and integrated links between content nodes.
  • Simplifies maintenance and ensures the most up to date information is served to ensure “one version of the truth” minimising maintenance.
  • Fully open standard JSR 170 compliant contest management system with powerful tagging and indexing capabilities, version content, configurable workflows and a standard API.
  • Utilising an open, industry standard content management system allows IT departments to integrate our solutions easily with other pre existing investments.


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