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Dear Andy,

Welcome to this dedicated page I have created for Redcats UK as a result of our prievious conversations regarding Social Media. The purpose of the page is to introduce you to numero and to tell you about the Social Media solutions that we offer and how they benefit and complement Redcats UK’s customer service strategy.

The following marketing collateral are examples of the solutions and how they can be utilised by Redcats UK. This is a mixture of product focused PDF’s, videos and case studies which bring together the social media solutions that we offer.

  • Facebook – integrated customer service solution
  • Download the numero Facebook customer service product datasheet here
  • Twitter – integrated customer service solution
  • Download the numero Twitter customer service product datasheet here
  • Webchat – and websuite online customer self service solution
  • Cable&Wireless – LIME Help Centre customer service solution, introducing web and social media channels
  • Download the LIME case study, one that we are really proud to share with you here

I hope you find this information useful and interesting and look forward to discussing matters further on how we can help Redcats UK.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

Steven Almond

T: +44 161 475 0344
M: +44 796 190 3980

Proud to work with:

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