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Like it or not, the world’s economies are becoming increasingly globalised.

The continuing emergence of the Eastern world as a major economic power is just one factor driving globalisation, but one which is increasingly hard to ignore. Even within the Western world, however, the combination of globally organised enterprises and increasingly multi-national populations mean that modern contact centres – and systems that support them – must be enabled for a global operation.

Global enablement is far more than providing content in multiple languages. Rather, the vagaries of regions, scripts, locales and time zones must also be catered for.

Consider for example the case of a road accident which occurred at 8:45pm EDT in New York but was handled by an agent working using IST in India. In which time format is the information stored? How does a Canadian head-office report on Agent activity in India? Or, consider the case of an French national emailing an American corporation from Hong Kong. In which language should you respond?

In a world of follow-the-sun 24×7 contact centres, both situations are ripe for confusion and error, unless the common platform is fully globally enabled.

Every element of numero, from the self-service portal to the contact centre user interface, from queries and searches to reports, from natural language recognition to automated responses, from the content repository and knowledgebase to spell-checking and quality-assurance is enabled for multi-locale, multi-language operation.

Features Benefits
  • Scalable, resilient, web based solution for simple international deployment and management.
  • Implement a standard solution world-wide, with options for either local or globally linked customer service operations.
  • Full multi-national 24×7 follow-the-sun contact centre capabilities.
  • Powerful language, script and locale recognition technologies ensure responses in the most appropriate language.
  • The business understands who they are dealing with – not just what language they speak, but in many cases which region and time-zone they are in – and is able to personalise responses accordingly.
  • Multi-language, multi-script content repository, FAQ and knowledgebase with available language fall-back.
  • Whether using the self-service portal, communicating via email or speaking to an agent, customers and agents are always provided with the best available match for dialect or language.
  • Fully dynamic localised content and responses.
  • Even dynamically generated personalised content is fully localised and may be set to use either fixed or local script, language, currency and date-time formats.
  • Flexible data and time options with full time-zone support to ensure unambiguous data capture, search and reporting.
  • Accurately and unambiguously capture times and dates whilst retaining the ability to search and report on activities and events using local or central time zones.
  • Fully localised user interface.
  • Reduce agent training and improve agent satisfaction.


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