With Contact Centre Insights:

Gain better business insight with powerful reporting

Coming Soon Billboard Gain better business insight with powerful reporting

It is generally true to say that there is room for improvement in any organisation – but understanding where to focus improvements can be difficult. numero is able to provide some of the essential management information and business insight required to improve the way in which an organisation conducts its business in order to increase both customer and business value.

With an emphasis on analysing customer interactions, numero lifts the lid on the relationship between contact centre resourcing, work loads, service levels and downstream business processes.

With both ad-hoc and pre-canned queries, reports and dashboards, numero helps analyse and exploit the valuable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) data collected within numero to understand:

  • Who is contacting the organisation, and why
  • How quickly and how well are the enquiries managed
  • Where the pressure points and bottlenecks are right across the organisation.

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