Engage stage

Engage stage

The first stage of numero act is engagement usually through word of mouth as introductions are often personal recommendations from existing numero clients and associates.

In preparing for the initial meeting, numero thoroughly researches the organisation, typically ‘blind testing’ the existing customer service functions such as email, web forms and call centre operations to gain insight to the existing customer journey. We also review proprietary numero research to identify the communication preferences, expectations and trends of some likely customer segments.

numero solutions are mainly ‘strategic’ in nature – reflecting the importance placed by large organisations on the customer and the quality of their experiences. As a consequence we operate, more often than not, with the Executive team. Initially, this may be involve executives in Managing Director, Customer Services, Contact Centre or IT Director roles or similar. Given the nature of the engagement we protect our prospective client’s interests and our intellectual property through mutual Non Disclosure Agreement.

Through the engage stage numero endeavours to understand the strategy, plans and challenges of the prospective corporation in respect of customer contact. In particular, we understand existing customer journeys and how the organisation is aiming to do the right thing for customers. Key to this understanding is learning about the current approach to customer service excellence and the KPI’s which are used define existing acceptable service.

The initial sessions will ensure there is a good business and cultural fit along with the potential for an exceptional business deliverable. If not, numero will not recommend that the client proceeds.

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