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Inbound telephony calls consume the majority of the bandwidth that most call centres have which affects staffing numbers and operating costs. The ability to pre-empt inbound enquiries can have a dramatic impact on call avoidance and markedly improve customer satisfaction. The more times a customer calls to resolve a problem or to obtain information, the more likely they are to become frustrated or dissatisfied with the business.

More companies are seeking ways that will enable them to communicate effectively with the customer while significantly reducing the number of inbound calls a contact centre receives. Enlightened organisations wish to discourage unnecessary customer dialogues covering enquiries like products and services. In order to help communicate and diffuse the potential for negative interactions, companies can alter traditional businesses practices and become proactive in the customer communications arena.

So by constantly monitoring the state of the business, dynamic alerts can be sent to the customer automatically initiated by numero interactive. Hence, when products come in to stock, or the delivery driver is delayed by an unexpected roadworks, the customer can be kept fully abreast of the latest up-to-the minute information regarding their order (or account, service, subscription, membership, warranty, loyalty card, or any other relevant customer information).

The service naturally extends into a text and enquiry service (like – is the product in stock?) text and reserve service (can I reserve the product?), text and pay (delivering buying services via the phone). Whilst of course, the solution can deliver text messages, the system is capable of delivering more complex information like promotional offers, coupons or barcodes to mobile phones.

The range of service offerings is unlimited and of course, with the service costing just a few pence per message, huge cost savings are associated with a delighted client. A real, win – win.

Features Benefits
  • Out of the box two way SMS notifications for standard business transactions like WISMOs, “Can I reschedule my delivery?” And so on.
  • Low risk and assured implementations.
  • Pre defined “standard” transactions available for a range of industry sectors and business situations.
  • Rapid deployment (days or weeks, not months), with guaranteed results with minimal costs.
  • A full-featured, powerful, flexible and customisable business service portal able to support and manage the communications.
  • Configuration controlled and managed by the business for maximum business agility with minimal management costs.
  • The SMS message is seamlessly integrated with numero interactive contact centre automation process to support proactive notifications based on event management.
  • The full message history is retained and kept within the customer case record.
  • Full two way, interactive SMS communications.
  • The text message can be sent AND the customer can respond back! Whilst this may sound obvious, it is rarely true of other solutions.
  • Available as a SaaS solution on a rental basis.
  • Immediate start with no infrastructure costs.


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