With Dynamic Customer Communications:

Improve customer experience with proactive notifications

This video example illustrates how proactive outbound notifications can be generated to keep customers informed. By keeping customers informed, we reduce the volume of unnecessary enquiries from customers, freeing costly contact centre resource to deal with more complex or revenue oriented customer enquiries.

In this example, we automatically detect when goods that have been collected for refund have been received into the warehouse; by monitoring the returns system for return events numero is able to automatically send a text message to let the customer know the goods have been successfully received.

Once the refund has been approved, the system automatically sends the customer another text message to confirm that the refund has been approved – at the same instant another message (an email) is sent with full refund details.

With integral support for customer communication and channel preferences, numero is able to seamlessly blend multi-channel proactive communications with more traditional contact centre contacts to provide the best possible customer experience whilst reducing contact centre load.

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