Software as a Service

In today’s changing IS/IT landscape, different organisations adopt different forms of software delivery and support to meet their individual organisational characteristics and requirements.

The numero Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is designed for organisations that prefer a hosted cloud solution – most typically small to medium sized organisations looking to avoid the cost and infrastructure requirements of ‘on-premises’ systems. numero hosts and manages the solution from our UK datacentre to deliver outstanding resilience, performance and business continuity service levels. numero SaaS contracts eliminate the need for clients to buy hardware infrastructures, maintain systems and manage software upgrades/maintenance programmes.

Clients simply agree an initial set-up cost and monthly service charge based on their required level of transactions. This straightforward charge covers the cost of the software license, ongoing Help Desk support and the regular maintenance of the solution. Without the budget constraints or capital cost implications of a license fee based on the number of users or seats, clients are free to roll-out the numero platform across the enterprise. We find this is the most effective and efficient option for clients as they are able to release the full benefits and potential of the numero solution unencumbered. The numero pro professional services organisation configures the SaaS solution, ensuring a fast and effective way to access the far-reaching benefits of numero. This also removes the burden on in-house business and IT resources and provides the ideal first step to migrating to an on-premise SaaP model.

key features

  • Supports multi-channels of communication
  • Deploy business process applications with no equipment commitments
  • Provides unified work environment that can be used across the enterprise
  • Open standards architecture based upon SOA and ESB principles (service orientated architecture/enterprise service bus)
  • Integrates with back office systems to protect investment in legacy systems
  • Easy to implement with the minimum commitment of client resources
  • Fully managed service with inclusive maintenance and support
  • Provides enterprise class functionality through a hosted service
  • Provides a secure and reliable CIM contact centre solution without the need for capital investment and additional IT infrastructure
  • Easily scalable with the ability to add functionality as required
  • Enables business process improvements to be deployed across the enterprise

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