Quick Start

In today’s changing IS/IT landscape, different organisations adopt different forms of software delivery and support to meet their individual organisational characteristics and requirements.

numero Quick Start has been created for customers that need to implement solutions with the minimum of fuss and internal IT resource. It provides a quick, easy and convenient way to introduce the benefits of the numero platform to any organisation across any channel of communication. Each Quick Start solution is based on best-in-class numero implementations from flagship projects with world leaders in the various industry sectors. They are pre-configured to provide the precise functionality required and are ready to work ‘out of the box’ with minimum set-up. So, rather than having to wait months before taking advantage of numero applications, clients can go live in a matter of days.

Quick Start solutions are pre-configured by industry and application type with options available for a host of sectors (including financial services, logistics, retail, utility, energy, telecoms, subscription and public sector markets) and business scenarios (including complaints, claims, returns, billing exceptions and reservations). They are pre-built to automate ‘standard’ query types including relevant case record hierarchy, vertical market or scenario phraseology and the specific reporting requirements for that industry or requirement. And, perhaps most importantly, these solutions are continually developed to keep pace with changing needs, market conditions and customer preferences. With the help of numero’s revolutionary technology and Quick Start implementations, organisations everywhere can meet the constantly evolving needs and expectations of customers everywhere.

key features

  • Open standards architecture based upon SOA and ESB principles (service orientated architecture/enterprise service bus)
  • Purpose-built to address specific industry and business requirements based on successful live implementations
  • Integrates with back office systems to protect investment in legacy systems
  • Supports multi-channels of communication including social media
  • Easily scalable with the ability to add functionality as required
  • Based on numero's state of the art service orientated enterprise CIM platform
  • Highly scalable and secure
  • Quickly and easily implemented in a matter of days
  • Delivered as SaaP and SaaS solutions

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