Matalan customers are embracing the multi-channel world by enthusiastically shopping in-store, online, by phone and on the move. To keep ahead of changing preferences and habits, Matalan is creating a flexible and future-proofed customer service platform that enables consumers to engage however they choose. Through the implementation of a numero Single Agent Desktop and Single Customer View, Matalan will deliver an omni-channel retail platform that provides a seamless, fully integrated customer experience. Matalan consumers will interact via online FAQs, mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, phone, email and written correspondence and receive highly personalised service through numero-powered workflows. The numero platform will maintain high quality customer intelligence and records, providing vital MI to drive customer acquisition, retention and service levels. All this will underpin the growth of Matalan Contact Centre operations to deliver exceptional customer service and business efficiency. Details of the business benefits and impact of this solution with be published at a later date.

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