numero designs, implements and hosts groundbreaking social CRM solution for the Caribbean’s leading communications company. From inception to implementation in just 2 months, the project enables customers to receive personalised support from LIME without leaving their preferred social media platform, including Facebook and Twitter.

Key points:

  • Groundbreaking customer service delivered via social media through interactive chat, call me back service, dynamic questions & answers and data capture form functionality
  • Customers interact with LIME without leaving their native Facebook or Twitter – eliminating the need to force customers to websites or call centres
  • LIME agents interact with customers from a secure, single agent desktop – with no need to log-in to Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms
  • All customer interactions recorded against the individual customer records providing LIME with a 360 degree view of the customer
  • LIME customer records enhanced with personal demographic information from their social media profile
  • Prospect records created automatically by capturing personal demographic information from the social media profiles
  • Customers and prospects receive proactive and personalised communication from LIME directly in their social media platform of choice
  • Social media ‘listening’ and ‘dialogue’ functionality provides robust, proactive protection for the LIME brand.


LIME is part of the Cable & Wireless group and the Caribbean’s leading communications company, providing everything from landline to mobile and broadband to TV. This extremely complex business spans two time zones and thirteen territories from Antigua to Jamaica. With different languages and cultures to serve across the region, the customer relationship management challenge of the business is significant. In support of its strategic aim of bringing the best technologies and services to the region to improve the work and private lives of Caribbean people, LIME engaged numero to revolutionise its business processes and to streamline its customer journeys. As part of the engagement, LIME worked with numero to provide groundbreaking customer service via social media channels.

What we have done:

Initially delivered via Facebook and Twitter – with plans to support other social media platforms – the numero solution provides LIME with a groundbreaking approach to customer service that reinforces their position as a market leader.

The Facebook Implementation:

LIME customers and potential customers interact directly within the Facebook environment in order to resolve their queries via:

  • Dynamic Questions & Answers
  • Interactive chat
  • Data Forms
  • Call me back service

All of these services are delivered to customers directly within the Facebook environment. Critically, the service is highly personalised as each customer grants LIME permission to interact via Facebook. This process, with the user’s consent, shares their profile information which enables LIME customer records to be enriched with the demographic information captured. The numero solution matches profile data from Facebook to LIME customer records and automatically creates a ‘new prospect’ record on the database where appropriate. As a result, the numero solution greatly enhances LIME customer data which can then be exploited through subsequent marketing activities.

In establishing the connection and customer relationship, the customer is able to access the LIME Help Centre while logged on to their Facebook account. The support they receive is automatically personalised by the numero solution based on their customer record. For example only FAQs relevant to each customer are presented and forms are pre-populated with customer details. As customers interact with LIME via Facebook, all dialogue and activity is recorded against the customer record, building a clear picture of their habits, preferences and requirements.

Whilst the customer remains with the Facebook environment while interacting with LIME, the company remains within its secure environment. For example, LIME agents taking part within interactive chat sessions do so via their agent desktop, eliminating the need to log-on to or be trained on Facebook. As well as creating a 360 degree view of each customer, core LIME systems – including customer and FAQ databases – are utilised to power the service.

The Twitter Implementation:

Through the numero solution, LIME constantly monitors Twitter for Tweets related to the brand and provides an easy and convenient channel for customers to engage in dialogue about the service they receive from the business.

The numero solution scours the entire Twitter community and continually ‘listens’ for Tweets that are relevant to LIME. Each message is automatically captured, interpreted and categorised using numero’s sophisticated NLP and advanced workflow system. All Tweets that warrant a response from the business (such as a complaint, positive or negative statement or business-related enquiry) are routed to the relevant agent in the business, triggering action and activity. Agents respond from within the LIME system but the ‘Tweeter’ is communicated to within their preferred Twitter environment and the entire dialogue is recorded against customer records to provide a 360 degree view of each case.

The numero solution has established a Twitter community for LIME that provides a quick and convenient communication channel for everything from service outage announcements to marketing messages. As a result, customers are able to ask questions through the quick and convenient Twitter medium.


  • Greater customer satisfaction and convenience through the use of social media – the communication channel of choice for a large and growing number of consumers
  • Enhanced brand reputation and protection with growing community of Facebook ‘Likes’ (already over 100,000) and fast response to social media comments
  • Reduced contact centre workloads by deflecting customers to self-service and alternative support channels such as interactive chat
  • Better contact centre workload balancing through simple ‘call me back’ facilities
  • Enriched customer records by automatically capturing demographic data from social media profiles
  • More complete view of each customer through enhanced records showing social media activity and preferences

Captioned screen grabs:

The LIME Help Centre works directly within Facebook. Customers do not have to leave their preferred social media channel to access support and enter into dialogue with LIME. However, while working within the native Facebook environment, everything is driven and managed by LIME via the numero platform.


LIME agents work within a secure, enterprise-class system from their desktop. To access the LIME Help Centre customers grant Facebook access to LIME which in turn allows demographic information from their social media profile to be captured and recorded against their customer record.


LIME provide complete Help Centre support natively within Facebook, allowing customers to interactively chat, browse personalised FAQs, request a call back and submit requests via data forms. All activities are recorded against LIME’s centralised customer records.


numero continually monitors Twitter and identifies any Tweets that require action, routing these automatically to the relevant agent. LIME agents interact securely from their desktop with customers who conveniently interact via Twitter.

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