Create world-class, large-scale contact centres with numero

Contact centres

numero creates world-class contact centres that fundamentally transform the way organisations interact with customers, suppliers and partners – delivering business opportunities, costs savings, efficiency gains and competitive differentiation in the process. Thanks to the adaptability of our solutions platform and experience of our team across many industry sectors, numero is able to transform how contact centres operate in order to deliver large-scale efficiency, service level and business process improvements. numero contact centres are typically delivered within short lead times to eliminate the delays traditionally associated with major projects of this nature.

customer experience

  • Journeys are streamlined and shortened
  • Service levels are improved and customer experienced enhanced
  • Ability to choose the channels of communications they prefer
  • Seamlessly switch between channels of communication
  • Freedom to decide where, when and how they interact with companies
  • Revolutionise service, choice and response times
  • Greater convenience with self-service options
customer experience

business operations

  • Contact centre performance transformed to value-based measures
  • Agents work across multiple channels from a single workstation
  • Real-time load-balancing maximises agent utilisation rates
  • Processes are simplified and streamlined
  • Customer records are enriched, enhanced and accessible from a single customer view
  • Compliance and regulatory controls enforced
  • Existing technology investment is protected
business operations

the customer perspective

With numero contact centre solutions, customers receive a fundamentally different service to that traditionally associated with large, remote and impersonal contact centres. The agent they deal with – via any supported channel of communication including online, mobile, social media and email – is fully informed, prepared and empowered to deliver the required service. Customers are no longer placed on hold, passed around agents or expected to repeatedly explain things. Instead, they are efficiently routed to appropriate, available agents armed with all the information, guidance and workflows required to handle the specific case at hand. Communication is quick, clear and personal – creating richer, deeper and more engaged customer journeys. Customer relationships are enhanced further by fitting-in with the individual lifestyles and preferences of customers – thanks to the freedom to interact with while at work, on the move and at home. Restrictive opening hours and customer queues are replaced by liberating customer service that includes self-service, call-me-back and interactive chat facilities across phone, SMS, mobile and online devices.

the organisational perspective

With numero contact centres, the focus switches from one-dimensional operations focused on average call handling times and call queues, to customer services centres focused on continuous relationships and engagement. Agents have a wealth of information at their fingertips thanks to numero’s single agent desktop and personalised customer service is delivered through all channels of communication including traditional methods (such as phone and correspondence), new favourites (including mobile apps and online) and emerging choices (such as social media). These omni-channel operations deliver fully and partially automated customer service thanks to the powerful functionality of the numero software platform – blending agent, rules-based and self-service delivery to deliver outstanding service levels, cost-saving efficiencies and improved workflows. The picture is completed by numero’s single customer view and powerful reporting functionality.

numero contract centres support large-scale activities – including multi-site, multi-timezone operations staffed by thousands of agents – and can be operational within relatively short lead-times. The adaptability and flexibility of the numero solutions platform ensures the contact centres will continually adapt to changing needs and organisational situations, while integrating with existing systems and process to protect investment.

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