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Managing a busy, modern Contact Centre has often been likened to running a production line, but without the predictability. In this highly changeable environment, a key imperitive to effective management and planning is the accurate collection and use of detailed facts or statistics about what is happening. numero interactive automatically collects and aggregates statistics in real time enabling agents, team leaders and managers to view and act upon the key measures that are relevant to that moment in time.

The Out of the Box standard operational reporting pack allows supervisors, team leaders and users to report on a wide range of statistics from the current performance to historical data aggregated to the highest level or even to detailed facts about a specific interaction, agent or order.

Reports can be presented in a variety of formats from tabular form for detailed analysis, to graphical visualisation or combined into a user definable dashboard for summarisation.

In the event that none of supplied reports support a specific requirement, then business users can easily create their own queries using the standard built in graphical user reporting interface. Equally simple, the data can be exported into business productivity tools such as Excel or Adobe Acrobat or accessed by specific report solutions like Business Objects or Cognos.

Features Benefits
  • Typical insights are pre defined to highlight rogue agents, cherry picking, missed SLA’s, or critical items.
  • Most business scenarios can be reported on straight Out of the Box thereby reducing implementation times and immediately reducing operational costs.
  • Automatic data collection of all contact centre transactions.
  • Reduces the work overhead associated with the more traditional method of manually collecting the data. Whereby previously, teams of reporting analysts were required to report on what was happening in the contact centre, our solution provides this capability accurately and timely Out of the Box.
  • Key data is pre aggregated so that key data sets can be reported in real time without the need for IS developed data marts.
  • Speeds up reporting and maintains an historical context, even for archived data without IS involvement.
  • Detailed data is held and mainatiend at a transactional level.
  • Whether for workforce, work management or SLA reporting, a wide variety of data is automatically maintained.
  • User Configurable Dashboards
  • Users can easily create their own dashboards which can include combinations of queries and charts without the need for IS involvement.
  • User Configurable Queries
  • Using the inbuilt graphical user interface, new customer queries and charts can be created and saved for later use to increase business agility.
  • Published Reporting Schema
  • For the more complex reporting requirements that require a specialist report tool such as BusinessObjects or Cognos or the extraction of information to an external data mart or data warehouse, then a fully published reporting schema is available to help IS create its preferred reporting paradigm.


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