numero revolutionises workflows, business, processes & user journeys


numero transforms the way organisations work by streamlining customer journeys and operational workflows. Thanks to the adaptability of our solutions platform and experience of our team across many industry sectors, numero is able to radically improve the way businesses work to save costs, improve efficiency and enhance service levels. New ways of working are implemented to benefit customers and colleagues in record time – eliminating the long lead times traditionally associated with business process change.

customer experience

  • Service is more timely, personal and relevant
  • Ability to choose the channels of communications they prefer
  • Seamlessly switch between channels of communication
  • Freedom to decide where, when and how they interact with companies
  • Revolutionise service, choice and response times
  • Greater convenience with self-service options
customer experience

business operations

  • Agents work across multiple channels from a single workstation
  • Processes are simplified and streamlined
  • Customer records are enriched, enhanced and accessible from a single customer view
  • Processes are simplified and streamlined
  • Compliance and regulatory controls enforced
  • Existing technology investment is protected
business operations

the customer perspective

numero Workflow Optimisation solutions can have far-reaching impacts on customers, who benefit from reduced cost, better service levels, faster response times and greater choice. Whether going online, speaking to an agent, dealing face-to-face, communicating in writing or interacting via mobile their entire customer history, preferences and details are known; with the resulting service tailored to them, individually. The customer experience is more personal, timely and relevant – creating greater customer satisfaction and enhancing loyalty. Customers feel better understood, valued and served thanks to a fast, seamless and proactive journeys that make alternatives seem dated, laboured and disconnected. The entire experience is reinforced through outstanding communication delivered via their channels of choice, including traditional methods (such as phone and correspondence), new favourites (including mobile apps and online) and emerging choices (such as social media).

the organisational perspective

With numero Workflow Optimisation, organisations are released from the confines of individual channels of communication and information systems. The creation of a single view of each customer and enablement of workflow/process automation allows numero to unlock a world of opportunity for organisations. Entirely new ways of working are made possible through customer self-service, omni-channel engagement and rules-based workflow management. Processes are streamlined, automated and controlled to maximise efficiency, service-levels and productivity. Businesses are no longer constrained by what their systems can do but empowered to define ideal customer journeys, organisational processes and ways of working. Perhaps most importantly, the numero act engagement methodology and numero pro delivery process provide a proven and practical way to make things happen.

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