numero works with organisations that need to efficiently and personally handle large volumes of individual customer enquiries, orders and dialogue (collectively known as interactions), regardless of the source or timing. numero’s software platform, services and know-how, work in conjunction with (rather than as a replacement for) existing processes and technology, to ensure rapid deployment and payback.



BTC is writing the next chapter in the telecommunications history of the Bahamas to ensure our Chain of islands that comprise the Bahamas remains in touch with global trends. By putting our service in palms and pockets of our customers we will ensure that BTC is closer than ever to their needs. numero’s flexible solutions platform and commitment to delivering clear business benefits is a powerful combination that enables us to deliver transformational service to our customers in a matter of weeks.

Marlon Johnson, Senior Vice President Marketing and Communications

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Clients from specific industry sectors can depend on numero's specialist knowledge and experience. We have worked with many large and well-known organisations in these sectors so have an in-depth understanding of the key success factors and priorities for each. It is an approach that not only adds value but fast tracks solutions as clients do not have to progress through a process of ‘educating' numero. This vertical market specialism has also led to the development of our vertical market applications.

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