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Customers love mobile phones and their bond is getting stronger with more powerful handsets putting the internet, social media and convenient communication in close reach at all times. As a result, 8 out of 10 smartphone users call and text daily, almost twice as often as other mobile phone users. Almost half of these consumers admit to being highly addicted to their mobile phone – a fact seen across all age groups although the habit is even more pronounced in those under thirty.

numero helps organisations to get closer to their customers by powering intuitive, interactive and really useful applications that revolutionise the way they work. Our pre-built web components are ready-to-run on all popular mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. By using our mobile portal, organisations can customise and brand these components to quickly and cost effectively deliver mobile services to their customers enabling mobile-based Webchat, Secure Messaging and Self Service FAQs. Furthermore, powerful customer service support can be provided through ‘Call Me Back’ and Dataform functionality.

The full power of the numero platform is unleashed by our API which allows these mobile services to dynamically pull-in and push-out content. This enables integration with third-party and back office systems such as logistics, OMS, ERP and the like. To ensure your mobile services fully integrate with the rest of your organisation and operations, numero can build these applications for you or provide documentation to allow a third-party development.

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