Benefits of conjoined customer experience revealed in new video

Published on 16 July 2013 by in Customer Service, Latest News

Benefits of conjoined customer experience revealed in new video

A new video has highlighted the potential benefits of harnessing consumer data, highlighting the potential benefits for retailers which combine real-world information with social media and mobile activity. The video, produced by advertising agency Ogilvy One, follows a shopper in the near future as she goes about her day. The video looks at how retailers [...]

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Case Studies Summary

Published on 03 July 2012 by in Customer Service

Our groundbreaking work is evidenced by an array of reference sites across many industry sectors, the most recent of which include:

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Insight from the Mobile Retail Summit

Published on 27 January 2012 by in Customer Service, Latest News

Here at numero, we’re frequently emphasise the importance of using new channels like Twitter and mobile to engage and interact with consumers. Yesterday, the Mobile Retail Summit took place in London. Featuring speakers from Debenhams and augmented reality application Blippar, key takeaways from the conference were posted onto Twitter by attendees. Here are a combination [...]

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A quarter of smartphone users check their mobile while shopping

Published on 10 November 2011 by in Customer Service

New research from eDigitalResearch and IMRG has found that a quarter of UK customers access the internet on their smartphone while out shopping. The study found that 50 per cent of those using their mobile did so to check the retail website of the store they were currently shopping in. Meanwhile, 62 per cent accessed [...]

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Negative tweets and CRM

Published on 04 October 2011 by in Customer Service

Here at numero, we’re always examining how people are utilising new channels like Twitter to share their own experiences of businesses. We investigate the way consumers voice their praise and concern and we keep a keen eye on emerging trends in order to better understand the latest consumer behaviour. As such, we pay particular attention [...]

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Mobile phone statistics from America

Published on 23 September 2011 by in Customer Service

Here at numero, we’re always keen to highlight research into growing customer trends. Our job is to keep abreast of the different contact channels consumers choose to use and we’re constantly on the lookout for emerging patterns in customer behaviour. As such, we were interested to read the latest study from the Pew Research Centre. [...]

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Published on 22 September 2011 by in Customer Service

Phone. Email. Twitter. Mobile. For a company the size of BT, it is crucial that customer service runs across dozens of different channels. The company had more than 15 million customers and, each year, receives over 70 million calls and 2.5 million emails. As we’ve said in the past, ensuring a consistent service across all [...]

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The Nielsen social media report 2011

Published on 15 September 2011 by in Customer Service

Here at numero, we eagerly poured over the latest Nielsen report this week; an investigation into social media’s growing popularity and the effect online behaviour has on the purchasing funnel. The research, The Social Media Report Q3 2011, looked into several different areas of social media use, dissecting the gender, age, behaviour and wealth of [...]

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The influence of Twitter users

Published on 24 August 2011 by in Customer Service

Here at numero, we’ve always stressed the importance of new communication channels such as Twitter and Facebook. We understand that today’s consumers want to be able to receive the same level of customer service through 140 characters as they do with a phone call or email. Many users place a premium on their online interaction [...]

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Ofcom survey reveals customer satisfaction levels

Published on 29 July 2011 by in Customer Service, Latest News

A new report from independent regulator Ofcom has discovered how satisfied consumers are with the customer service levels of the UK’s ten largest communications providers. The research, which interviewed thousands of individuals, discovered just how successful companies like Vodafone, Orange and O2 were at satisfactorily dealing with the concerns and complains of their customers. The [...]

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